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this site was update on April 19 th 2023

- Peter Hills alias DJ Philippe

( already one month in hospital )

I have to make a break in RWI activity,

I am not sure to be able to replay to emails and letters





We have listeners on both sides , We don’t Want A War  ! Don’t Kill children !!


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The  CDs’s will continue to be review in RWNews as usual,

Many thanks for artists, singers, songwriters & labels for good music.

73's Peter HILLS & Philippe "The terrible Twins"


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 1983 – 2022 

 39 Years on the airwaves

on November 2022


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 Our story started on November 19th 1983

on 6250 kHz at 09.00 UTC .

Peter HILLS & Philippe

" The terrible twins "

Welcomes you in the world

Of Country Music !!!



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Nashville 2011

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A new postcard for our listeners.


some photos of our two weeks holidays in south east of France.

Nice weather , nice places to visit !!!


Some new material in our studio


New mixer

Headphone AKG     Mike Thomson



                   Console mixer    , Peter HILLS in recording studio  , new CD player for  Jingles .


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 Callsigns F1DPC & /VE2 - G5 MPP , ex member of F1 & F6KBF

Operated in 144mhz,432mhz & 10Ghz Link France to Guernesey 50kms /10mw dish /FM


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 My best friend & the art of painting by Emilios COUKIDIS ,

                   Here is my Special homage personaly dedicated to my best friend Emilios COUKIDIS
Radio Waves International (R.W.I) , BP 130 , 92504 RUEIL Cedex , (France)
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