Radio Waves Int (R.W.I) BP 130 92504 RUEIL Cedex (France)

  Tel: 33 (1 ) 47 51 79 23


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Our story started on

November 13th 1983

on 6250 kHz at 09.00 UTC .

Peter HILLS & Philippe

" The terrible twins "

Welcomes you in the world

Of Country Music !!!

R.W.I is member of ECMA, ICMAG,

CMA & CDX Nashville.


Our Gold Play-list "WCS2000"

with 2000 entries is there !!!

  • Country Music

We would like to invite you to visit Stella.'s new website at


Poker Alice

The woodpickers (Aus) 

Kenny Butterill

 I would like to invite you to visit the site of Texas Country Gentleman

Harold Rogers.

(country artist/songwriter)