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Here is my first CMA Festival , but not the first time iím going to Music city ,

15 years joining CRSCountry Radio Seminar

I traveled from Paris CDG to Washington IAD ,then arrive in Nashville BNA

During my transit in Washington ,i had time for a beer

On this Monday,the weather was good to go to a local lac for lunch,

On the afternoon i took the train From Hermitage to Riverfront Station

Kinsey Rose playing at Legendís Corner (she was at the CRDV Festival in France a few years ago

I undeerstand now why there is a lot drinking songs in Country Music

On the way to Exit Inn , a quick stop for a fresh beer

Some view outside of Exit Inn on the west of Nashville


The Nashville Masqurade



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I was coming here to meet again my friends of The LSVR Tongues that i already met at the American Journey in Cambrai France.

The SLVR Tongues have played ten songs


an another day ending