DON ERMERSON (singer/Songwriter) IN PARIS

 On Friday August 29th when i was at my office i get a call from 
Steve Don's manager around 17.00 cet."Hello we are in Paris,
i get the email you send us a few days ago".I answered:
It 'll be nice if i can meet you,i'll leave my office around 18.30.
Just the time to go back home then drive to PARIS i could be at your hotel
at 19.15.Steve said OK we are waiting for you ! Ok see you soon.
Don & Steve were staying at the "Hotel st Jacques" in the 
St Germain des pres area.As the traffic on the road was clean,
when i arrived at 19.10 in place.
Don was just at the reception desk talking with Brigitte the receptionist.
Brigitte reconize easily Don's friend as i was wearing DON's tshirt.
After a few talks we went and sat in a saloon.Later on steve join us.
Before the night comes we get outside to take some photos.
We come back inside to another discussion then as Don became hungry,
we crossed the road to the "SAIGON LATIN " restaurant.
We took a dinner with a cup of tea.
At 21.30 we get back to the hotel were i leaved my friends DON & STEVE.
An another long day was waiting the two guys,
They had to take the train to Strasbourg in the early morning.

I spent a real good time with Don & steve.

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 A report from Peter HILLS

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