Radio Waves News

RWNews is our small info-sheet.

We are sending it FREE to our listeners in reply of their reception reports and to our contacts with labels & records companies who send us promo materials for airplay and review .

Since its first issue a few years ago in 1983 using a simple typewriter, the format and content have changed and improved in quality. At the beginning , RWNews only contains only info about the activity of the station, then when we started our Country Music Show we added the Cd 's review which 's taking a large place and at the same time we included our play-lists.

RWNews is publish on an irregular basis depending of the amount of information and cd's review , it the info-sheet has generally a 4 or 6 pages 's format.

Since RWNews's issue 2K004 we are using a new format (Word 97 ) .

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RWNews in 2002

RWNews in 2001

RWNews in 2000 (no more available)



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