A DECADE IN FREE RADIO . 1983 - 1993

Before starting this magic aventure that's free radio ,i 'ld like to thanks some people without their help and support RWI never started. Many thanks to our listen- ners all over the world !

At the end of the month of October 1983 i took two weeks holidays to go in UK and get our SW's tx.I went in LONDON area to visit some friends. On Saturday we drove across UK to pick up our TX and return in LONDON on late evenning ;the night was very short as we had to wake up very early as we had the opportunity to come on board the ROSS REVENGE on a foggy Sunday morning ;November 6th where i met Tom ANDERSON and Peter CLARK.Peter made some tea for the small crew that was with me visiting the whole ship. We left the crew of CAROLINE in the midle of the afternoon.On Monday morning i was crossing the channel on my way back to the future TX's site in Luxembourg to built the antenna and prepare our first program.


Every things were ready in less than one week ; so i could switch on the TX at 09.00 utc openning officialy RADIO WAVES INTERNATIONAL. The channel in used was 6250khz ;it was not a real good choice but it was the only xtal we get at this time but two weeks later we moved to 6275 KHZ.


The first reports were ar- riving from Germany follow by a lot of European countries.After only four Sunday 's broadcast we get fourteen letters untill the end of this year 1983.RADIOTELEX the wellknow weekly infos-sheet had loged us several times.


In February 1984 i received a letter from RADIO MARABU asking us to relay their own programs.As the objectifs of RADIO WAVES INT was to be an european station we decided to opened our "RELAY SERVICE " in March with RADIO MARABU, then RWI became more and more popullar and a lot of stations join us using our facilities.
We think to have help a lot of stations to come on the air for those which have no TX and extending their coverage area for the others. The price of this service was low as our way was not to do money but it was for us just a nice hobby that we always did it with serious.


It's in early 1984 that we started our regullar infos-sheet,we were typing it until September 1989 when we get a computer which help us to improve it's quality.A few years later we called it RWNEWS ;by the way we did more than one hundred of infos-sheet of two or four pages each.

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