On Easter 1995 I decided to close the station with a special one-hour final program .The reason was that the listeners were not sending so much reports and the propagation has been never so worse.

But as the virus of free radio was still alive inside me I decided to restart the Radio Waves International Ďs venture, we were on January 1996,the other reason of this change was that I was always receiving promotional materiel & CDs of Country Music so I must continue my Country Music shows and my play-lists too.

After having managed my own BBS "Waves and Co " , Itís on July 13th 1996 that I joined Internet And started my own web-pages .It was for us an easy way to communicate world-wide .

Radio Waves continue to broadcast on short-waves via our own TX s, most often on 11401khz from the 26 meters, and also relay via Radio 510 Int & IRRS from Italy ( 3985khz /76 meters,7120khz /41 meters).

After 1998 we reduced our time on airwaves for only one weekend by month because we didnít get enough time to listen to all the CDs we received making RWNews writing on a monthly format, generating the play-lists and all other staff.

During summer 1999 R.W.I was going for its first time to a Country Music Festival in the centre of France in the nice city of Craponne sur Arzon located in the center of France.


On November 1999 we were celebrating our 16th birthday using for the first time several relays around the world : Radio 510 International / IRRS, SWRS, Jolly Roger Radio from Ireland & Radio Blandengue from south America; for this event some special QSL letters were made in Colours . We received a lot of reports & emails for theses broadcasts.

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