Interview of TIM LAUWSON in PARIS by Peter HILLS

On February 1st 1999.
It was on  Monday at the middle of the day,a cold day when i arrived in Paris,
going down the famous Champs Elysťs ' s Avenue ,turning right in Georges V street.

It was about 12.15 when i came inside "the Prince de Galles" 's hotel.
A few minutes later i took a very small lift up to the fourth flour to met Tim's Crew.
Just before coming in the room "410" ,it was already to heard Tim playing music
and singing ,when the music stopted i knock at the door.

There were already a lot of people inside :
Tim's crew :
- Tim & Karola Lawson,
- John Channer (VP of Timberholme Recordings), 
- Ramona Simmons, 
- Kara Wiggins, 

& the guests

-  Johnny Da Piedade w/ CMR  
- Christophe von Gouffein, 
- Jean Agostini,
and one more coming myself !

As it was time to lunch,we just made a brief presentation of each others
before moving the a restaurant "The Pichet" not far from the hotel.

It was a realy nice lunch.

Back to the hotel ,we took a cup of coffee before Tim starts the interviews:

The first one was with Jean Agostini,
follow by Christophe ,
then came my turn :

Hello Tim iím very glad to meet you today in Paris,

Where do you came from†?

Oh thank you Philippe ,itís pleasure to be with you as well,iím from Vanvover Canada
 which is in  British Colombia  B.C  ,which is on the west coast of Canada near the
Pacific ocean we have the rochy  montains   there and itís a wonderfull place to live.

When did you arrived in Europe for your tour†?

Right now weíre here on a promotional tour doing interviews and we did a performance in
Cannes at the MIDEM's musical festival there and we go from here to Denmark , Holland &
England and then back in Canada.

 Which country in Europe is more attract by country music†?

I think thatís a hard question to answer Philippe ,many countries in Europe seems to be
very friendly and very warm in receiving country music and in particulary the canadian that i

Who has influenced your  music carear†?

I think one of the most important is  Paul McCartney  an of course the Beatles when i was
ten years old came out ,the energy that they had and the music attracted me very much and
i started to sing at this time and i continue to do so,also Jackson Brown ,Jims Tayler ,Sting
,Crosby Still & Nash ,the Eagles .

I said: I remember  I discover you in 1996 with a CD†;

What are the CDs who have already made†at this time?

The first CD that i made is "The Quiet Canadian"" and it took quite a bit of time to make it and
then to carrier it from Canada to europe ,so now were are in the spring of & 1999 and in a
serious way promoting the music in Europe ;we have a distribution deal now in Germany,
Austria & Switzerland and hope to be able to release the records in other countries certainly
including France .

What are the other projects for this year?

The other projects for this year include finishing the second record which is call
"The Right Way On" and to be about a tour with my band ,i've seventy spends and we hope
to be able to play festivals in France & differents countries in Europe.

I switch off the microphone and ask Tim if there was something he would like to talk about.
So the interview restart like this:
Thank you Philippe it's a pleasure to be here with you and to be able to talk about something
who is close to my heart,one of the things when we talk about projects in 1999 and the future
for me is to be a spoke person for MS  and this is very important for me,i'm very lucky as a man and to be in good heath to thing about other people who are not infortunatly as myself and that includes many peoples that have the MS diseases and i think it's very important, in our ways for all of us to remember  those who are less fortunate as ourselves and i look at the future of the world as a team of people thinking ;pass the fact and working together can make the world a better place and that 's an impor

tant element and thim of all my music;
Also i would like to say that in every day to me every moment is important ,is precious,
life is a gift for all of us and to make the most love of it is very important that 's one of the
reason why i wrote the son "the quiet canadian" was to honore a very famous canadian
is  also nome as "intrepid "and he helpt in many many ways, he served as a volontaire
in the first world war and in the second world war went to the united states as a representer of
Winston Churchill and his primary mission was to bring United States into the war that time,
and we know from history how important it was at that time to bring the united states into the
war to change the balance and to change ,to turn the tide and to look at freedom has been so
important to people and i like to honore all those peoples who served in the wars,in the
second war particular and is for me important to think that we are so lucky now in 1999
to non have sort of troubles going on.And the think of the peoples that went through the
second worl war and made some of them the automate sacrifice of their lives to make the
world free and to give us the quality of life that we now enjoy.

When the interview came to its end ,Tim offers me some gifts:
- A cap ,a tee shirt ,a video tape and two books .

Those two books are :

-"The true intrepid Sir Willian Stephenson and the unknow agents "
- "The Olive Diary" (the gripping tale of W.H.T Olive's advantures in Klondyke of 1898).

I left Tim and a new person was waiting for an another interview.
It was  Patrick Molis  a  Country music Dj on ENGHIEN FM a local FM station located on 
the nort suburb of Paris.

It 'll be a long day for TIM and its crew moving to Denmark in the evening.

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