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From the Green Escape ‘s Festival 2018  (ex Country Rendez vous Festival Craponne (France)

Nice weather in this little village of Craponne Sur Arzon

Press conferences & opening the festival on Friday 27th  , Johnny Diapedade


The French group Appaloosa opening the festival at 19.00

Sam Outlaw from USA for the 1st time in France 20.45

The Nickels Slot USA for the 1st time in France 22.30


Saturday 28th

Newtown USA for the 1st time in France 17.30


Tommy Ash  on stage & at the press conference  19.00

Mike And The Moonpies USA for the 1st time in France 20.30


Southern Avenue from USA for the 1st time in France 22.00

Gunwood from France 23.30


Sunday 29th 2018


In the church of the village Gaelle Buswell (FR) was singing some gospel songs.


Dentelles expo in the town

Loolie And The Surfing Rogers from France 15.00

Blue Water Highway from USA for the 1st time in France 16.45


Status Quo GB , they iopen the show with « Caroline » The legende , 40 years of Rock ! 18.45

Gaelle Buswell (FR) was closing the festival

Everybody on stage for the big final show , the END

Who will be there next year for the 32nd edition !!!


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Easter 1964 – Easter 2018    54 Years




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